XII Teachers’ Theatre Festival ‘Sillad’ (bridges) takes place from February 27 to February 28, 2009 in theatre Ugala, Viljandi.

 Teachers` Theatre Festival "Sillad" coming soon

It was in 1997 when the teachers of Viljandi County Gymnasium started to build bridges between the teachers who love theatre. We hoped to capture the imagination of our students and make friends among other theatre-loving colleagues from other schools.

Nationwide theatre festival ‘Sillad’ has been held 11 times already. The chance to meet again is close!

XII ‘Sillad’ takes place form February 27 to February 28, 2009 and still in theatre ‘Ugala’.

The moto of the coming festival is ‘I remember my golden home…’ We are looking forward for performances which follow the plot of one’s native place, a local theme of one's home town or village or is written by an author from the participants' home area. You can use classic and modern literature, writings by known and lesser- known writers. As the schools which come to the theatre festival are so unique and different, we think it is worthy to introduce their roots to others, too. You can choose any genre you like as long as your performance fits into half an hour. 

To emphasize our profession, we expect the directors to work on the stage with teachers or school workers rather than professional actors/actresses.

The organizing team wishes the new participants new creative finds and active rehearsals.

See you in Viljandi!


56 643 861

Organising team:

Aili Kiin
Irene Artma
Rita Oja
Tiina Sombri
Külliki Asu